Case Study

The 2023 Asian Games Athlete Village Waterfront Mixed-Use World-Class Athlete Village Will Become World-Class Waterfront Complex

Hangzhou, China

The Challenge

Hangzhou successfully bid to host the 19th Asian Games in 2023. The project is located as the first row of buildings next to the waterfront landscape, and no other high-rise buildings are juxtaposed with it. This creates a unique gateway image of the Asian Games Village.

The project presents the challenge of a high floor area ratio and complex format, including retail, class A office building, office headquarters and residential. In addition, the base is narrow and long and adjacent to the canal, so the way the HKS design team deals with the waterfront space is a great challenge as well. The traffic flow is complex, which needs to be clearly sorted.

The Design Solution

The planning and design concept of this project is inspired by SHANSHUI (mountains and flowing water) and is treated as the “Asian Games balcony.” The spatial form inherited the topological relationship of the waterfront commercial space created during the Song Dynasty, and through international modern interpretation, the value of the urban landscape and river view are simultaneously maximized, forming a world-window view of the waterfront urban community.
To maximize land use under limited space, a three-dimensional composite method is used to combine the building’s functional units. Through creating a combined fast-and-slow moving line system, various functional formats are connected.

The Design Impact

During the Games the project will function as accommodations, catering, physical recovery and strength training center for athletes. After the Games, it will become a world-famous waterfront mixed-use community that says to all, “GOOD TO TRAVEL, GOOD TO LIVE, GOOD TO STAY.”

The project will become a fashionable-living destination and a model of waterfront living, providing new urban public leisure space for residents in surrounding communities. The design provides high-quality office space for 5,000 people.

Project Features

  • 69,500 sm (748,091 sf)
  • Waterfront Retail
  • Class A Office
  • Headquarters Office
  • Residential
  • Open Community
  • Mixed/Multi-functional use
  • Sky garden


  • 2022-2023 Asia Pacific Property Awards, Winner in the category of Office Architecture for Zhejiang Province, China