How We Think

How We Think

We design within, through and beyond the built environment to create tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

ESG in Design Unites Us

We have adopted an Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) structure to serve, strengthen and sustain both people and planet. ESG is at the core of our practice, our firm’s character and all our relationships. We infuse ESG thinking into everything we do and put forth design solutions that underscore our mission to create more just and resilient communities.

Advising Yields Breakthrough Solutions

With economists, strategists and operations experts, our multidisciplinary advisory team works with organizations who want to lead a brighter future. Our recent work includes financial feasibility studies and concept development for tourism and strategic facility planning for health systems around the world.

“For clients with complex business challenges, we offer creative, practical solutions.”

Global Practice Director, Advisory 



Design Research Creates Informed Outcomes

Our research teams explore how we can make a difference through design. Our recent work focuses on how design can improve the health and well-being of students and employees.

“We elevate design through research. It’s not what we do; it’s who we are.”

Global Practice Director, Research 



Limitless Thinking Drives Innovation

LINE – the Laboratory for Intensive Exploration – explores new ways of making, with a focus on emerging materials, technologies and methods. Our recent work includes SoFi Stadium and Pacific Park Pavilion. Read more to see what we’ve learned, and how we’ve applied our discoveries.

“Our environments blend social, ecological and technological phenomena to encourage a conversation with the world we inhabit.”

Director of LINE